Whenever we are asked to work online, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we can’t do anything, so what should we do or what should we learn? To earn money sitting at home, and even if you learn how to learn it all.

In the previous Eileen Making article, we explained how to make money from a firewall. It was told that in order to work there, you have to master some work. Enough messages came from where to learn a skill, to work on Firewall. Today we will tell you some of the mediums from which you can learn a skill.

In today’s world, it is not difficult to learn anything. Everyone has internet. Everyone knows how to use the internet. If you are reading this Finger Point article then congratulations you know how to use the internet. But we will specifically cover those websites where you can learn something.


This is a word that no one will ever know. Everyone knows how to use it. But now there are more people who use it only for artistic videos or dramas. It is true that YouTube was created for entertainment, but gradually it became a place to learn. The world’s largest projects will be found here in the form of videos.

It doesn’t end there, but here you will find video tutorials courses for the most skilled people in your field, who will be teaching you their work for free, but here is what you want to learn on YouTube. How do you find it? Because you have to do it yourself, and we can expect you to do it well. Follow any one tutorial course completely, and try it yourself. And when you realize that you are capable of doing the work of others, go out into the market like Fire.


This is a platform where you will find professional courses from YouTube. But these courses are not free. For these, you have to pay course fees. Because all these videos are from the world of people who are experts in their work and mostly working in a company, which is why they teach according to the market in real-time.

Here the question arises as to how UDMA is different from YouTube. While on both the platforms the experts of their work are offering courses. You can learn a lot on YouTube, but here you can comment if you don’t understand something. If the owner of this channel likes it, he will respond to you, if he likes, he will not do it. So this way you have to solve this problem by Google yourself, which is another hard work.

Here, if you spend on UDM and buy courses if you do not understand something, you can understand it by texting the tutor, and you can save extra time.

Which Is The Best Learning Source?

If I were asked, I would say that if you can afford it, buy and learn the courses. Because in today’s world the value of free is not. If you do not spend, you will not be able to work hard and you will not be able to estimate its value. But if you have no money at all, you can use YouTube. I have seen a lot of people who are just learning from YouTube and working in a big company.

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