Marketing and Advertising in the modern age are crucial for business growth. One has to have a presence on social media as well as advertise their products or services on social media to get the desired outcome.

There are many social media platforms around such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Marketing on social media platforms is now a part of any marketing strategy that works well and aims to achieve marketing goals. So, which platform should you choose for marketing and advertising your brand?

If you are thinking of breakdown your budget and allocate on all social media channels, let me tell you ahead of time, it won’t work. Going all the places will take you nowhere. So, the better approach towards advertising is to research your niche and target those areas for better results.

Why scattered marketing is not a solution?

The scatter-shot approach to marketing is not worth it because it distracts you from the major goal. Your niche might not work well with every social media platform. What is the type of business you are dealing with and with whom you are dealing deals major impact on the strategy you choose?

There will be different approaches to marketing, depending upon whom you are dealing with. If you are business-to-business dealers, you need to adopt a different approach. If you are dealing with direct consumers i.e. business-to-consumer, you will need a different set of variables to work with. Let’s look in detail what approach do these both types of businesses need.

B2C versus B2B marketing

Make the differences between both types of marketing real clear in your mind. The type of audience you are dealing with changes in the whole approach to marketing and advertising. You might think business is business no matter with whom you are dealing but no, if you look loosely there are ten major differences that can be spotted between the business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing.

Now, if you have clarity about the differences, keep in mind that with the change of the business type the approach is changed too. The body language of the brand, the marketing style, the language used, the USP (Unique Selling point), and the overall voice of the brand changes accordingly.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads deal with consumers. On Facebook, you will find there are lay audiences who mostly use Facebook to chill and connect with people. People share stories on Facebook. People spend their time on Facebook for fun, for connecting, and for social connections.

Facebook target those users who can be the potential consumers for your brand. This quality of Facebook makes it a huge marketing platform for Business-to-consumer. Billions of people use Facebook daily. So, imagine if you target the right audience, how much can your brand reach the tipping point.

LinkedIn Ads

If you are dealing with a business-to-business brand, keep in mind that LinkedIn is the right place for you. The main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect the right communities together.

It will not be wrong to say that people use LinkedIn to invest their time. They find the right business, connect with other businesses, job-hunt there, and many other professional uses. Around 500 million people and professionals use LinkedIn. Social media marketers list LinkedIn among the top platform for business-to-business related activities.


Choose social media marketing channels wisely. No one wants the success of your brand more than you. So, wise decisions will help you in a long run. Be consistent with whatever platform you choose to go with. Engage with the audience smartly. Keep the posts and engaging content short. It gives more ROI. Put constant effort into what you are planning for the brand regardless of the marketing and advertising channel.

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