With the advent of modern technologies, what happens to the traditional ones? When the radio was invented, it was predicted newspapers will end. When TV was invented, it was thought that now radios will not be ever heard. But the time flew. Now, with the advent of the Internet, TV sets are said to expire. But do all the traditional marketing channels expire?

No, not really. It is a fact that when better and new technology is brought to the market, it affects the popularity of previously used channels. But those traditional channels do not expire. People still use newspapers, listen to the radio and watch television.

What is the best approach when a new technology is launched?

Whenever a new technology is introduced in the market, smart marketers adopt that channel quickly but do not leave the old ones. The ratio of the use may differ. But it is the best approach to amalgamate both channels for the penetrated effect.

Nowadays, with the vast use of the Internet, digital marketing has shot up to the sky like a rocket because you can have an online presence for free. Millions of users consume social media daily, that’s why it serves as the best platform to sell items to the consumers.

But traditional marketing is still valuable. It can be used to furbish Business-to-Business marketing.

The amalgamation of traditional and digital marketing is an art. The art that is now has become a must-have for marketers to learn. The more polished the marketers become, the more ROI they will get.

Here are the few techniques which the marketers can master to effectively combine digital and traditional marketing approaches together.

  1. Join Cold Calling with Intent Data

Cold calling is a known traditional approach towards marketing in which calls are made to random consumers. Cold calling is done to market the products over a telephonic conversation. The drawback of cold Calling is that the marketer(Caller) does not have any information about the person whom they are calling.

Intent Data is a modern technique that is used mostly in B2B marketing that helps in getting the direction of interest of the agencies or businessmen. Intent data is the data that stores the information about the market persons who can become your potential buyers.

Amalgamating both techniques will have a far greater impact than using each tactic separately., Intent data will provide information about the interest of people. And through cold calling, those people can be reached out. Cold Calling through intent data can be done to the people who:

  • Are looking for specific solutions
  • Might be considering other options
  • Show their readiness to buy.
  1. Join Print Media with Deep Media Nurturing

The marketing process is a step-by-step process that is executed through a proper funnel. There are four-five stages in that funnel that leads to the final sale of that item.

Any marketers who are smart enough know the importance of the funnel process and the capability that each step holds. The funnel process is essential to provide nutrition to the consumer-brand relationship.

Print media includes magazines, newspapers, or anything that involves the hard copy form of readable material. Using print media for marketing is a traditional approach to marketing.

Deep media nurturing is providing the required information to the consumers at every step of the funnel. This facilitation along with the journey of the buyer is nurturing.

Combining both techniques is targeting the audience with the techniques used in print media or through print media. Any potential buyer that slides down to the sales funnel is provided with the printed information.

The best example of the amalgamation of print media with deep media nurturing is the hard form of e-magazines. There is an audience for online or e-magazines. But there are people who need to be targeted through print form too.

Use both techniques to increase the impact of any marketing campaign. They help in increasing the impact of each other. More such amalgamation tactics will be discussed later.

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