Come to study at universities. Whether you are Poland has programs in medicine, computer science, engineering, economics, humanities, hospitality, business, or any other field, and the courses are tailored to your needs.

The average cost of tuition is between 1500 and 3000 euros per year. And there are still a variety of affordable universities in Poland, even for popular degree programs such as medicine.

Opole University

Opole University is a public research university founded in 1994 and located in Opole, Poland.

It is one of the cheapest Polish universities of 2021 and one of the three public institutions of higher learning in Opole. The university’s mission encompasses both research and inquiry-based teaching, and the university welcomes students from non-traditional backgrounds, including those from disadvantaged communities.

University of Warsaw

Next on our list of Poland’s cheapest universities is the University of Warsaw. The university was founded in 1916 and currently has over 55,000 students. It is considered to be the largest university in the country. Students are offered more than 50 fields of study, mainly in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

Silesia University

The University of Silesia in Katowice is one of the largest and most dynamic educational institutions in Poland. It offers a friendly space for research and innovative solutions for over 34,000 students in the academic field.

The diversity of initiatives is reflected in the high level of scientific research as well as the quality of modern infrastructure education. Every year new careers and programs are opened which are in line with the latest job market expectations and scientific trends.

University of Recla

Vokla University is a public research university, founded in 1945 and located in the beautiful city of Vokla. It is the first and only affordable university in Poland to engage in research activities.

There are more than 28,000, 10,000 students enrolling in 40 major study faculties with more than 10,000 international students. The main language of instruction is Polish and these faculties study more than XNUMX different degrees.

Gdansk University

The University of Gdansk is a public university located in the northern Polish city of Gdansk.

The institution is a student body of over 30,000,80 students from undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate courses. XNUMX different fields are offered with over 200 skills. A range of disciplines is offered. Law, social sciences, biology and biotechnology, marine sciences, quantum physics and economics.

Kozminski University

Kozminski University in Warsaw is an internationally renowned private business school located in Warsaw. It is “the number one private university in Poland and one of the best business universities in Central Europe.” It is the only institution of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe to offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, and Doctoral programs in Business Administration and Finance.

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology was founded in 1915 and is located in the capital Warsaw. It is synonymous with innovation in technology education and is a leading Polish technical institution. This includes Poland’s affordable universities in 2021.

Adam McKews University, Poznan

Adam McKews University is located in Poznan, the cultural city of Poland. The history of the university dates back to the early 17th century.

The educational structure consists of twenty teachers and one doctoral school. Students are offered more than 80 degrees. The university offers undergraduate, master’s, doctoral degrees, and postgraduate qualification courses. The language of instruction for these degrees is usually Polish, but classes are also taught in English and German.

AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology is an elite technical university, founded in 1919 and located in Krakow, one of the oldest and most historic cities in southern Poland.

Academically, the university profile includes 15 core faculty members focusing on very specific areas of study, such as business, humanities, computing for energy, mathematics of mathematics, bioengineering and science.

Jagiellonian University

Our last list in the list of the cheapest universities in Poland in 2021 is Jagiellonian University.

Jagiellonian University is a higher educational research institution, located in the southern Polish city of Krakow. Its campus is connected within the city, so the student buildings are scattered in the central parts of the city. There are 15 major teachers in the fields of social sciences, law, humanities, medicine and natural life. Students collectively have access to a selection of over 80 fields for their academic credentials.

The main language of instruction is Polish, but additional lessons are also offered in English and German.

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