In the modern world of the Internet, communication is not a problem anymore. Messages can easily circulate the globe with one click. Every day, millions of companies are using modern communication techniques to deliver messages. Now social media channels are used for marketing.
When all the companies are marketing their stuff in one place, it creates a rush. Users are constantly bombarded with constant marketing messages without giving a second thought that a user might get offended. Think of it like how many YouTube ads you get snubbed about and cancel as soon as you see those. If so is the case, you are not alone in this struggle.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Instead of bombarding users with direct ads and marketing messages, a new technique is being used which is a direct but subtle form of marketing. People do not get triggered through it. This new technique is known as Inbound Marketing.
Inbound Marketing is the prior choice of marketers nowadays. Inbound marketing is slow but the loyalty ratio is higher. In comparison with Inbound Marketing, there is a term used in Outbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing is blunter and direct. The constant feeding with marketing messages delivers quick results. Outbound marketing is the barraging not only on the same platform but on all available social media platforms so that there’s no escape for a user.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing
As mentioned earlier, Outbound marketing is blunt. You can consider it as a bullhorn.
Outbound marketing is less empathetic in a sense that it doesn’t care whether a user wants to see a message or not, they will keep displaying those ads. Some ads are so long that they become a real pain in the a**. It is also called “Cold Calling”. Cold calling is making unprovoked calls to potential customers. Outbound marketing doesn’t care if anyone shows interest in their product or service or not, it will keep showing up.
If you think about reinforcement, then this technique is good and workable but it might get people triggered and allergic to your brand. Ads annoy people so much. It can be unnecessary meddling especially if the users do not want that product or service.
So, the major difference is that Inbound Marketing is more helpful, subtle, and polite. It is educational and attracts consumers with magnet-like force. Whereas, Outbound Marketing can be meddling, invasive, and serve as a loudhailer.

Each type of marketing has its tactics to be used and implemented. We are pointing out point by point major things that you will find in Inbound and Outbound Marketing. They are:


All these tactics in Inbound Marketing are used to position the brand’s reputation as a trustable advisor. All these tactics are aimed to pull in the consumers.

  • Educational events
    • Webinars
    • Emails Marketing
    • Newsletters
    • Blog posts
    • How-to guides and
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Thought leadership
    • Meaningful social media posts
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Online Advertisements
    • Traditional Ads on TV or print media
    • Cold calling
    • Tele Marketing
    • Direct marketing e-mails
    • Trade shows
    • Press releases
    • Promotional items

Which methodology is better?
There is no right and wrong in marketing. You need to experiment and work with whatever resources you have by keeping an eye on goals. The amalgamation of both methodologies works fine for some brands. Do not over-dose messages in outbound marketing and you will be good to go. Do not try to be so pushy that people become reluctant towards the brand.

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