If you want to improve the ranking among the search engine; there are few areas you need to focus on, to get SERP (Search Engine Result Page) highest ranking. The higher your search result will appear, the more organic and effortless traffic will come to your website.

It is the reverie of marketers and online gurus to get the top-most ranking to have improved visibility. Some people put conscious effort into SEO and other on-page and off-page efforts. But some people want to take shortcuts. But remember, there is no shortcut to success.

There are billions of users with trillions of data and websites online. All the data of Google is stored in layers. If you are new, your data will be stored beneath several layers. SEO and optimization are just like bringing it on through those layers step-by-step. Every structured procedure takes time. So, if anyone promises you quick ranking results and acts as if SEO is a magic tool that will give the best results within a few days, is mendacious.

You may wonder how long will the procedural steps to improve ranking take time?

The simple answer to the question about the time frame in which Google’s ranking will improve is “dependence on various attributes”.

Yes, how long a process takes depends on how much you put effort and how that mechanism works. In the case of Google ranking, there are varying influencing factors such as the competition in your niche, the already amount of data on that topic that is available, skills, and the budget with which you are working.

Again, every situation is different. You may need a unique set of variables to work with every time. You need to make new strategies to improve the ranking among Google.

However, there are few entities on which you need to work to make the process more debauched.


If you aim at bringing up the search results, and you totally upgrade the content and do the re-evaluation of your website, it will take time for things to work.

When you make drastic changes to your website, Google takes some time to evaluate them. It is no like that one night you will change and in the morning, there would be a different world for you in terms of rankings.

Even when you have used all the right tools, it might take some months or even a year for your website to rank on top. All you need to do is to be consistent in whatever technique you are using.

Keep upgrading, keep the website updated. Google’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it takes time for evaluation. It is also a test of your motivation and consistency.


Factors that are involved in better ranking

The following are the two factors that can influence the ranking and SERPs.

  1. Age of pages

The age of the page is an essential factor when ranking a website. If we look at the facts, there is no website that is ranked on top of Google’s search results and is not at least two years old.

And the average pages that were ranked on top were almost three or more than three years old.

If we take an average, we will find out that top ranking is done of almost pages that are two years old.

  1. Keyword Search

The aim is to appear in the most possible searches you can. Top ten pages that are currently on top of the Google rankings appear in a minimum of one keyword search.

The pages who cannot make it to the top never appear in the top searches in the time frame of a year.


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