We note another important glitch. It is not allowed to have more than one AdSense account per person. However, you can link to multiple channels from it. This may give you more income, but you risk losing everything when you bathe this account.

Affiliate Program

Many content creators on YouTube do not want to be limited to AdSense but prefer to be affiliated with a third-party affiliate program. Technically, it’s no different than working directly with Google. Owners of YouTube, but it has numerous features.

The contract with the affiliate expires without the participation of YouTube. However, the requirements for joining a particular program are usually tailored to the needs of the service.

The source of income can vary – they not only pay to see but also pay for clicks on an ad link. Complete sale (one percent of the number of goods sold is given to the partner advertising the product) or to visit the site and take some action on it (for example, by filling out a registration and questionnaire).

The percentage of ad revenue is different from sharing directly with YouTube. Affiliate programs provide between 10 and 50%. It should be borne in mind, that 45 affiliate still pays YouTube. More refund options are also available.

The affiliate program provides additional services that are not available in direct collaboration. For example, legal aid in situations where the channel receives a strike due to copyright infringement, technical support for channel development, and much more.

As you can see, the affiliate program has more benefits than direct collaboration. The only serious downside is that you can run into scammers, but they are very easy to calculate.

Direct Cooperation with the Brand

Many YouTube bloggers want to sell Screen Time directly to the brand on the occasion of selling cash or buying preferential items for free. In this case, the requirements are set by YouTube, by the brand, but by the terms and conditions of the service, that the video may indicate the presence of direct advertising.

The subtype of sponsorship is product placement, non-controversial advertising when branded products appear in the frame, although the video does not set advertising targets. YouTube’s rules allow this type of advertising but are subject to the same restrictions, such as direct advertising of a product. Also, in some countries, product space may be banned or prohibited, so before using this type of advertising you should familiarize yourself with the law concerning the country of residence, which is indicated in the account.

To Draw Conclusions

There are several ways to monetize a YouTube channel, including different revenue levels. The final choice is worth making based on your goals.

  • In the “Payment Details” tab you can enter statistics by selecting any payment system for you for these payment systems offered by the affiliate network.
  • Check that the details are entered correctly and save the settings.
  • Evacuation occurs automatically on certain days of the month. If you have entered everything correctly, a refund notification will come and you only have to confirm the report, after which the money will go to the specified account.


That’s all you need to know about withdrawing funds from YouTube. Always check the accuracy of entering your data and if something is not clear, do not hesitate to contact the bank, service cooperation. Employees should help solve the problem.

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