You are trying to study, especially when the deadline is approaching and you have no choice but to continue studying. Then there are things that distract you from reading. At the moment, it seems that everything except reading is interesting. Even looking at the wall feels like something very powerful. Repeatedly checking mobile notifications throughout the day also distracts us. There are many things that every student and professional can do in their life to stay focused and improve.


Meditation is a practice that many successful professionals around the world routinely do. This is a condition when only one thing is focused on. (Especially your breath) and if your attention is distracted, bring your attention back to the breath. Doing so will relieve you of anxiety, stress and depression. Research shows that it can also increase your awareness and boost your thinking.

 Do Not Check Your Phone after Waking Up In the Morning

It may sound strange to you but when you wake up you pick up your phone and check. Make sure there is no notification. This is the advice of many psychologists and neuroscientists, that you should avoid looking at your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning. Because after waking up, your brain’s energy level is at its highest level, and as soon as you use a cell phone, that energy level starts to fall suddenly.

Set a Time To Use The Internet

In the old days, ten or twenty years ago, people used to receive messages by letter, for which they used to check their post box and mail every morning. Now imagine that if a person keeps checking his post box all day long, then he will leave all his other tasks behind. Social media does the same thing, but if you set aside a specific time to use the Internet, such as nine o’clock every night or one hour for another time, not only will you be able to deal with your social media addiction Be able to, but also be able to use your time effectively.

 Mute Notifications

We all have more than three social media apps. The more apps you have on your phone, the more messages will ring on your phone. At the same time the concentration will be broken and your anxiety will increase. If you turn off your phone’s alarm, especially messages from social media apps, your chances of getting distracted are greatly reduced.

Keep Your Life Organized

Many of us don’t value our schedule, while many of us don’t. We fall asleep whenever we fall asleep, eat whatever the heart desires. Still, once everything has its own set of times, life becomes much easier. Sleeping at specific times and waking up on time can fix your sleep pattern and mold your life into a template. Setting aside time for learning will also be very useful in your educational activities, and can help you develop useful reading habits.

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