hen it comes to spending social media marketing budget, people often get confused because there are so many social media platforms and monetization is approximately around every corner which makes it a little trickier to choose.

We are here to help out with the decision process. Although it depends on the niche of your website, but still you need to know some basics to get ahead with the marketing plan.

Which one should you choose between Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Where should your marketing budget go? Let’s briefly get into the topics.

Which platform is better for ads?

There is no black and white in it. Each platform has its own algorithms, benefits, and techniques to go with. Both will result in increased traffic.

If you really want to evaluate both platforms, change your questions. Your question should be:

  • Which platform suits my niche more?
  • Which platform can give me a better ROI?


Before spending your marketing budget anywhere, try to evaluate data through Google analytics. Look at how the current traffic situation is. Study the funnel process. Examine how many users lie wherein the funnel? Then, look at your marketing budget.

Digital Advertising Budget

Once you are clear on all the points mentioned above, be very specific and clear about the budgeting numbers you are working with. Divide the number of users in the funnel. Those people who go into the funnel process require a little push and less marketing budget will be consumed. So, for targeting those users, use your budget wisely.

For instance, if you have an advertising budget of $20, you need to look upon the number of users in the funnel. If there are more users that entered the funnel process, allocate 5% of the marketing budget to them or in other words, spent $5 on targeted advertising. The remaining $15 needs to be spent wisely too. Look into numbers again that how many users you need to re-target, spend $5 on re-targeting those users. Now, you are left with $10. Now you may spend the left amount on attracting potential consumers through targeted advertising by specifying the demographics.

The wise allocation of your advertising budget is irrespective of the platform that you are using.


Research your niche

Choosing a suitable platform has to do a lot with your niche. There are some keyword searches or PPC ads that are insanely expensive on Google and are some that do not give you desired results in the Facebook ads. Before entering into the world of advertising, study deeply about the costs and ROIs.

If the cost is high but ROI is greater than the cheaper ads, then you should value more return on your investment.  It can work another way round too.

For instance, in the fashion field, there are some keyword searches that cost you a lot of money. If you are working with a marketing budget of $200, and each keyword search cost your around $50, this will be too much. Or if you pay $50 per click, you will not be able to meet the ROI neither your brand will expand. This will kill the purpose of advertising.

What will you do in this case? You will try to shift the platform you are using. You might know there is a wide audience for fashion across Facebook and targeted ads there might help you to reach your goals without investing your whole budget for a few clicks. Facebook Ads are comparatively cheap and will drive in more traffic. If so is the case, you will go with Facebook Ads.

Reach the Goal

Once you have determined the platform to go with and allocated your advertising budget wisely, you need to build up your expected results based on numbers. Keep experimenting with advertising and platforms until you get the desired results.

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