Every brand has its own voice whether it is marketing traditionally or online. Whether it is a local shop, brand, or online store. If you ponder around, there are numberless birds around but every bird has its own voice and it doesn’t fade away. Every piece of nature has its own sound. With that sound, we connect attributes to it. Similarly, popular singers of all ages also have their own voices.

So, does your brand have any voice? How is your brand voice different from other brands and companies? Even if there are some business types but they would have different voices. For instance, all the birds could sing the same melody but still, their voices will be differentiable. All the singers sing, but they all sound different. Similarly, if there are hundreds of clothing brands, each one of them would have its own voice.

The Voice of the brand helps to recognize that brand. And people perceive that brand through attributes linked to that voice of the brand. Voice is an impalpable characteristic of communication. The voice of the brand includes its tone of communication, style, and brand perception.

How the voice of the brand matter?

The voice that a brand has a great impact on the marketing that needs to be done for the brand. Brand voice is a subset of branding. Any successful branding campaign uses the voice of the brand on advertisement channels. Voice of the brand helps to leave an authentic, genuine, and long-lasting impact among audiences.

How to strengthen the voice of your brand?

If you are eager to make the voice of your brand prominent, here are a few evaluation questions you need to ask for the current brand position.

  1. What is the cram of existing content?

Gather all the text files, images, blog posts, or any content that you have created for your brand up till now. Skim out the samples that perfectly represent content. Chalk all the content out and analyze what was the majority trend you were following? How did it get along with the audience? And cross-check if all those content samples represent your brand perfectly.

  1. What are the brand values, vision, and mission?

Figure out the core values of your brand. Write the vision and mission statements if you haven’t done it yet. Know the road that you are following. Make all the bases of your brand clear. Clarity of thought is of real importance. The clarity in the inner voice of a person ensures the manifestation of an ideal life. Similarly, if the inner voice of the brand i.e. goals and vision of a brand is clear, it can create and inspire. Once you realize that voice of the brand, you can then manifest and match with the same energy around.

  1. How do you want to sound your brand?

Consider your business as a person. Now, choose which attributes that person should possess. How you want people to recognize your brand? Some brands sound like they are dealing with clothing, funky stuff, gym wears, stationaries, cars, and so on. The activities that your brand performs creates a persona of that brand in the community around.

You can figure out the personality of your brand through a simple exercise. Name three attributes that perfectly describe your brand. Those exact three words are the persona of your brand and you can power-play around those words to market the brand.

  1. Which tone should be espoused to appeal to customers?

What tone you should adopt to maximize the impact of the voice? You need to decide so that the tone goes in harmony with the voice and personality of the brand. For instance, if you are representing a gym wear brand, and you use polite and soft touch in your advertising campaigns, your brand will lose its voice. The tone should be tricky, tough, and hard for a gym wear brand. Similarly, a baby shop should use a childish tone to attract more customers.

Being too formal in your tone for a casual wear brand may confuse your audience and the disrupted tone can cause damage to the brand.

  1. How can you ensure consistency?

Consistency is the key element of success when it comes to making a mark no matter where are you advertising. Share all the above questions with your team. Get relevant answers, develop a strategy, and be consistent on it. Making a brand mark isn’t a process that can be achieved overnight. It takes constant learning, improvement, and consistency to reach a tipping point.

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