We all face this situation from time to time when we do not get new ideas for our projects, assignments, and other things. In such a world, it seems to us that there is an invisible force that binds the creative energy of our mind, as a result of which our mind is deprived of the formation of new ideas. Sometimes this period lasts for several days, and sometimes it happens that even after much thought no new idea comes to our mind.

This begs the question, how do we guide our mind to provide us with relevant information whenever we need it or to give us a new idea regarding this information?

Intelligent people and intellectuals around the world use some of the most effective techniques to facilitate the delivery of new ideas to the mind during the period of closure of thoughts. On the other hand, sometimes new ideas come to your mind, but they are not satisfactory, so by following these techniques and recipes, you can make your mind a hub of brand new ideas.

Mind Mapping

The first technique used in this regard is called mind mapping. This is a common and tried and tested technique, used by students, teachers, and office workers around the world to create and transmit new ideas. As the name suggests, this formula allows you to create a map with certain types of information in mind, and then use the map as a guide to move on to relevant information.

Mind mapping is a visual technique in which you first write your goal right in the middle of the page and then around it the thoughts, ideas, and words related to that particular topic that immediately come to your mind.

Write Down the Thoughts That Come To Your Mind In This Regard

You can also get help from other partners in this regard, and you can also write down the ideas that come to your mind one after the other around this particular goal. Another thing that can help you in this regard. It is a mind mapping software, which you can also easily find online. Install it and use it as needed. However, the best method of mind mapping is with a copy pencil. Take a page and write your goal in the middle of it then, after a little practice your mind will move on this particular path, and new ideas.

New mind-blowing methods include reverse brainstorming. This unique method of repelling difficulties is becoming popular all over the world nowadays. By the way, the way to fight the brain and find new solutions to the problem is that you come to the solution of the problem keeping in mind your problem.

The way to solve problems in reverse brainstorming is to ask yourself how, when, and where did the problem start?

Write your problem right in the middle of a six-pointed star and when, where, how, why, who, and all the things that are related to this problem in one way or another. They all go on writing. Then take a good look at this chart, then you will immediately know when, where, and why this problem started.

Reverse Thinking

Thinking backward is also a viable way to solve problems. All you have to do in this way is to think of yourself as someone who is solving someone’s problem. Imagine yourself sitting at his feet, and wondering how he would have coped with this situation if he had been replaced by someone else.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. There are some ways in which you will need to seek the help of others. You can follow some of them or all of the methods at your convenience to solve your problems and come up with new ideas.

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