Tricks From A Former FBI Agent To Become 200% Attractive To Others

Is your desire causing you anxiety? If that’s the case, all you have to do is accelerate your game and make yourself very attractive so that the fish get caught in the trap.

Wondering how to be more attractive now, right? Well, it’s not about the clothes or the beautiful car. According to a former FBI agent, your behavior this year is one that can help you be 200% more attractive!

In the widely popular book “Like Switch”, a former FBI agent’s guide to impressing, attracting, and winning people in the past, Dr. Jack Schaefer explores the secret laws of charm and friendship. Revealed, that anyone can trust you and love you. This (1)

Here are ten book tricks that have been used by the same US intelligence services for the past 20 years.

1.When you speak, bend your head

According to Dr. Shaffer, tilting your head to one side instead of straightening it shows that you’re ready to trust the person you’re talking to, which is instantly appealing!

However, if you bow your head and turn your eyes you can be considered an enemy! Caution is necessary.

2.Emote with your eyebrows

Raising eyebrows is a great way to tell people that it has no harm and that you have no intention of being aggressive. Also, when you do this, people consider you good by talking to someone, unless you close your eyes or look down or look calculated. Don’t come

3.Do not smile, smile eyes

A sincere smile can go a long way! When the brain detects a genuine smile, it starts releasing endorphins, which return the smile and feel good. With this kind of experience, people want to talk to you. On the other hand, a tight look, a tense smile or a smile can give rise to the opposite feeling.

4. No “Welcome”

“You are welcome” is a form of formal and immoral expression. If you want to give an inspirational response, say: “I’m sure you would have done the same for me.” Also, do not hesitate to ask other people for even the smallest blessings. This makes them feel important and increases their self-esteem.

5.Occasionally cage when you chat.

The secret creates a sense of trust and confidence. When you lean forward and make some noise, the one you get closer to will automatically bend too, getting closer to both of you!

In addition to the above, try to avoid speaking out loud or leaning backwards as these are not considered friendly gestures.

6.Allow people to complement each other

If you really want to congratulate someone, give them a chance to do it themselves. When you talk to someone, create situations in which the person can talk about his or her characteristics and accomplishments and then, wondering how he is able to do such a good job. Do not resort to praise on your appearance, as it can be appreciated.

7.Make mistakes

One of the best ways to conquer someone is to tell them that you are the person you are talking about and therefore are prone to make mistakes. By allowing the other person to correct themselves, you make them feel safer. They begin to feel that they will better understand their shortcomings. In addition, it establishes similarities, which automatically bring them closer.

8.When talking, analyze China

Most people share important things at mealtime, for example, business lunch! However, when dining with someone, pay attention to their gestures, as they reflect their true feelings. For example, if the coffee you are using is using coffee as a wall between the two of you, show the distance. On the other hand, if that person removes everything from the table, it means they are friendly and close. The sharing of food indicates the same.

9.Look at your lips and talk with your eyes

Touching lips while talking suggests that the person is embarrassed, which is a movement that occurs primarily when he or she presents a strange question. In this situation, learn to correct your behavior by removing the right gestures from your eyes. If you want to be reliable and I like it, expand your students when talking, because it shows both interest and empathy and you look more attractive.

10.When times get worse, think of Romeus

Dr. Schaefer described it as “the law of Rocky Road.” If you watch a romance movie, you will find that the main actors become couples only after overcoming many obstacles. As a result, building a stronger relationship with those who begin without problems. Then, treat the hard times as a way to just meet and approach the other person!

In addition, the things you can do to make them more attractive (and a little) are talking about what you are talking about, shaking your head, showing sincerity, sometimes acting cold and distant. Do (it works!) And show the similarities between the two of you. The destiny of each is to melt cold like a stone!

Written by Sarah Smith

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