Things About Your Appearance That Can Make You Look Unattractive

Nobody wants to look bored, but sometimes in search of comfort and reliability, we come to a simple, calm image that does not attract attention.

If at least one statement suits you, then you can make your image brighter.

1. Your wardrobe is like a zebra – black and white colors prevail

Of course, no one cancels the classics – a black little dress with a pearl necklace or black dress pants with a strict white blouse. They must be in your wardrobe, but there must be bright things that reflect your personality. Try juicy colors, bold combinations. By the way, black and gray blend perfectly with any color!

2. Bag, shoes, and belt are always the same color

This has long been not a golden rule, but a stereotype for the lazy. Yes, it’s easier for us not to think, but to choose a reliable option. But the monotony is always boring. To be sure, you can use a scarf print as a hint for colors.

3. No jewelry for fear of looking ridiculous

Too little is boring, too much is vulgar. And in order not to risk looking tasteless, we often again choose the reliable “boring” one. There is a simple solution, the advice of most stylists: jewelry should be no more than three. And then give way to your imagination.

4. Always buttoned all the way

There are images in which it looks good, but basically the top button of a shirt is simply not designed to be buttoned! The exception is if you wear a tie.

5. No layering in clothes

Throwing a jacket over a dress, adding a fluffy scarf or shawl, blouse camisole, a short bright sweater on a shirt are easy ways to add personality to an image.

6. Heels for a dress, gym shoes for jeans

Why not try the other way around? A dress with sneakers can look very bold, and tight jeans, a loose shirt and high heels are unusually sexy, according to most men.

7. Only plain color clothes without print

The print attracts attention, acts as an accessory and makes the image more interesting. The main rule – only one detail of the wardrobe should be with a print, then the image will be stylish and not vulgar.

8. The most common hairstyle – ponytail hair

It’s practical, fast and … boring. To change the hairstyle is the easiest and at the same time the most difficult step in changing the image. It is often difficult for us to decide because of fear of failure or fear of “losing ourselves”. You just need to remember 3 things: hair grows back quickly, a boring and banal hairstyle is unlikely to attract attention, and, most importantly, a change of image leads to positive changes in life! For the sake of this, you can risk becoming irresistible.

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