Shawarma with chicken – the best recipes. How to cook shawarma with chicken correctly and tasty

Shawarma, so dear to many, came to us from Armenia, and there he was taken from Turkish cuisine. The dish is simple but always eaten with pleasure.

Its essence is simple: roasted meat and various vegetables are put in pita bread. All this is poured with sauce and – that’s it! Shawarma will always help you in the middle of a busy day, it also saves when you get home late at night and need something to eat quickly.

Of course, you can buy it literally at every step, in kiosks and tents. But the most delicious will be the shawarma you make yourself.

Shawarma chicken – food preparation

The taste of shawarma, no doubt, depends on the set of products from which the pita filling is made. But don’t discard the pita itself. You can buy it at the store, but there is another option: bake it yourself. Like all the homemade ones, this pita will seem more delicious.

For its preparation, you will need warm water (1 cup), dry yeast (1 teaspoon), flour (0.5 kg).

The yeast should be diluted in 1/4 of the volume of water, leave on for a quarter of an hour.

Add the flour, the remaining water, salt lightly, knead. The dough should be steep.

Divide it into balls, they will become 8 pieces.

Each roll carefully – it must be a very thin plate.

Lavash for baking is done in a pan, dry, without adding fat. In this case, you need to turn it very fast. As soon as the bubbles appear, which are characteristic of pita bread, a blow is made immediately. It does not take more than 40 seconds to bake a piece.

Shawarma with chicken. The best recipes

Recipe 1: Korean-style shawarma with chicken and carrots

Appetizing shawarma, cooked according to this recipe, will be juicy, and carrots will make their contribution, a touch of intense flavor.

Required Ingredients:

– the fresh cabbage (300 g),

– tomatoes (2 pieces), the same number – fresh cucumbers,

– chicken fillet (0.5 kg),

– vegetable oil (for roast chicken),

– Mayonnaise, Ketchup,

– Korean carrot (100 g),

– To taste – Salt and pepper.


It is better to start the process with chicken fillet, as it should be cooled before putting it in pita bread.

Cut it into pieces, fry, add pepper and salt.

The cabbage will have to try to cut it as thin as possible, put it in a deep bowl and carefully crush the hands.

Cut cucumbers and tomatoes into thin slices.

Place the pita bread and distribute all the products, starting with the cabbage. Pour over tomato sauce, add some mayonnaise.

Wrap so that the filling remains firmly inside.

Recipe 2: Shawarma with chicken, french fries and original sauce

This dish is not even intended for short-term storage, as the potato will lose its crispy taste. Salted cucumber, added to the sauce to pour, gives a new sensation to the palette of taste.

Required Ingredients:

– chicken breast (500 g),

– Onions (1 unit),

– the fresh cabbage (200 g),

– fresh tomato (1 piece),

– french fries (100 g),

– Vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, pepper.

For the sauce:

– yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise (in equal parts),

– pickled cucumber

– ground black pepper,



– Curry.


Make a sauce

To do this, chop the garlic, salted cucumber.

All ingredients are combined, mixed. The sauce is ready.

Onions cut into thin rings, sprinkle lightly with sugar, sprinkle with vinegar, pour boiling water. Coldwater must be drained. Chop the chicken breast, fry.

Finely chop the tomato.

Cabbage with a knife should become the finest straw. The thinner the cabbage is cut, the more tasty and tender the shawarma will be.

Sprinkle the pita with water and heat it in the microwave.

Put the cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions on the broken pita bread, without forgetting the chilled chicken breast.

All this delicious stuffing pour the sauce.

Lavash roll tight.

You need to enjoy the taste of this shawarma immediately; otherwise, the fries will lose their basic quality: they will soften and will not creak deliciously.

It is not necessary to reheat the dish.

Recipe 3: Korean shawarma with Korean-style chicken and vegetables

Spicy carrots and cabbage make this shawarma spicier and less cloying. The number of these vegetables can be varied, based on their taste sensations.

Required Ingredients:

– Tomato (1 piece),

– Korean cabbage and carrots (80 g each),

– chicken fillet (300 g),

– Fresh cucumber (1 pc),

– Mayonnaise, vegetable oil, ketchup.


Cut the steaks into small pieces, fry.

Cut the cucumber and tomato into thin straws.

On the pita bread, all the vegetables are distributed in turn, the fried steak and cooled.

Combine them with tomato sauce, mayonnaise.

Pita rolls more tightly so as not to open.

Before using, it is better to heat.

Recipe 4: Homemade Shawarma with Chicken

The cheese, added to the filling of this shawarma, gives it a special flavor.

The recipe is designed for a considerable amount of shawarma, at least eight. So your friends will not only be able to enjoy their flavor, but they will also be well satiated.

Required Ingredients:

– fresh cabbage (0.8 kg),

– chicken fillet (3 pieces)

– Cherry tomatoes (7 pcs.), – carrots (1 pc),

– Salted cucumber (2 pcs.)

– soft cheese (150 g),

– garlic (3 teeth),

– Fresh cucumber (2 pieces),

– 100 g sour cream, mayonnaise and tomato sauce,

– paprika (1 teaspoon),

– vegetable oil,

– Seasoning for chicken, salt, pepper.


Cut the steak into small pieces, add salt, the season for chicken.

Fry in vegetable oil until cooked, cool.

Chop the cabbage into thin strips, salt, and puree.

Chop the cheese with a grater.

Cucumbers, tomatoes cut in thin slices.

Grate the carrots finely.

Prepare the sauce.

Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup.

Add to them the chopped garlic, the paprika, the chopped dill. Stir

The final stage is to fold the shawarma.

The layers of pita meat, vegetables, cheese.

Dress with sauce.

Minimize the necessary pita more closely so that the filling does not fall out.

Chicken Shawarma – tips from experienced chefs

A dish like shawarma called impossible dietary. Using it often is not worth it.

To reduce your caloric content, you must choose the right foods.

Different parts of the chicken carcass have different calories. With this in mind, you can choose the most acceptable pita filling.

Consider the caloric content of 100 grams of chicken meat:

– Breasts – 112 kcal;

– hips – 180 kcal;

– Chicken meat – 140 kcal.

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