People Recently Have Been Sharing Images Of Their Pencil Stab Marks And It’s Weird

A painful childhood event usually becomes a funny story when you remember it; This collection of disturbing but funny memories are one of those!

Internet humans are feeling nostalgic for their pencil scars. And they are sharing stories of how someone at school stabbed them with a pencil. Some confess to having put these “tattoos” themselves.

Potential Homicidal Weapons


Although many people have these marks on their legs, even on the face, the most commonplace to find these tattoos is on the hands. Of course, when you think about it, those marks were not there by accident. That’s why I decided to do an investigation of why people had stabbed themselves there with a pencil or why their classmates had done it, and if they had ever tried to eliminate those marks later.

I have to admit that at first glance I thought about why someone would want to do that. But after finding these real-life stories full of pain and horror, am I feeling like a strange man who missed all the fun ?! It’s very crazy, but it’s true!

As in the famous scene of the movie “Shark”, in which Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw compare their scars, internet users decided to share their experiences with pencils.

I have categorized the victims in the following way because, believe it or not, there are categories!

1. People who received it by accident


“When I was in four grade I dropped a freshly sharpened pencil on my knee and the tip broke on my skin. It’s still there (I’m 24 years old), it doesn’t bother me. I hope it wasn’t lead.” – Amila in Mothering.

“Me too! I got a pencil lead in the palm of my hand. He’s been there since fourth grade. It’s so deep, there’s no way the damn *** gets out!” Diji little in Mothering.

“When I was a child I stood on a pencil, turned around in the air and the tip went down to the top of my big toe. There was this gray mark, but no evidence of a cut in the skin. Unopened the big toe of my foot, nobody had any idea how to get it out. The brand is still there 25 years later, “added Pumpkin.

2. Those who suffered because they had too much free time and did not have Instagram

“I threw it into the air to spin, then clapped to catch it. The first few times I grabbed it like this: | Last time like this: __ ”- shared a user on Reddit.

“My story is very similar. Seventh grade. I threw a pencil in the air to spin it and then crashed it with my hand against the desk to keep it from rolling. Throughout the year, I crashed it like this: ____ Last time I crashed it like this: | ” said Skitskatskoodledoot.

And finally, PlacurBetz added, “I was learning to spin a pencil on the big toe of my hand in science class (eighth grade). I didn’t want the pencil to make a noise when it fell because the professor was already upset with me because he had talked a lot during class. I smashed my hand against the floor to cut the pencil that was falling and it stuck in the base of my hand. I was bleeding until the infirmary and they put a bandita to me. The brand is still there, although it has faded over the years. ”

3. Those who wanted more than one tattoo of these!


Jeremiugh remembers his first pencil mark and says: “I call it my first tattoo. I was about 12 years old, my best friend Franky and I were running down a hallway and for some reason he had the sharpest pencil in the world in his hand, so that, of course, the pencil went straight to my forearm. The whole tip of the mine broke inside my arm and you’ve been there ever since. ”

He also adds: “I had a mechanical pencil in my pocket when I was in high school. I went to grab it and … saz! It stuck me in the palm of my hand.”

4. Those who make me wonder: “How did Homo sapiens reach the top of the food chain?”


“My dad is 2. One from when I was in elementary school, the second when I was demonstrating how the first one was done in my hand,” said Gothiclg.

“More or less like the one who won the lottery, he played and won it again … Unlike it was with pencils … And without earning any money. Great, “said a user named Outofmylemon


5. And the rest confirms that humans can simply be bad.


“This guy always tried to stab me with his pencil in high school and he did it a couple of times, he was a jerk. Anyway, now he’s in prison after stabbing his brother, so I guess I’m lucky because he only used a pencil with me ” says hdt19.

“I went into an argument with a child in second grade and threw a pencil at me. I raised my hand to block it, but it stuck right in the center of my palm and the tip broke. It’s still there,” ZeD00m adds. Then he adds: “CORRECTION: to clarify, I was also in second grade at that time. We were between 7 and 8 years old. I am also a girl.”

They interviewed with Dr. Troy Madsen, an emergency room doctor at the University of Health of Utah, to understand if an injury from sticking a pencil could lead to lead poisoning.

” Well, this is one of those … I have to respond by referring to something that we have probably all seen as children and that is seeing a pencil stuck in another child. And I clearly remember that as a child, while growing up in elementary school, and I don’t know how this happened, but some children threw a sharp pencil that went through the room and stuck in the child’s forehead and stayed there, “said Dr. Madsen.

“And I remember that boy had that mark on his forehead for a long time and that he also actually had some lead on his forehead as well. And that lead could be seen there for a little longer,” he added.

It’s no surprise, but the interviewer also had a story to share!

“Yes, I did the same with my leg. I had a pointed point and you can still see a bit of dark discoloration on my leg, but it’s not there anymore … And I think that’s what makes people upset. They think: “Lead, lead poisoning”, but it’s not lead, right? It’s graphite, right?

The doctor agreed and confirmed it; “It’s graphite, exactly. And it’s not lead that is going to cause lead poisoning.”

So that’s a relief because many people are worried about getting poisoned with lead when some part of a pencil penetrates their skin.

He also suggested what to do in case you get a pencil.

“Treat it as you would with anything else that you clog. If you have neurological problems, if it affects a nerve, if it affects your tendons, if it is at a depth where an internal organ could potentially affect, anything below the surface; yes, then go to the emergency, but otherwise, the mine itself is not something you should worry about. ”

So that’s a relief because most people worry about the possibility of lead poisoning when they get a pencil “tattoo.” But if you are going to live forever with the brand, would you consider getting a real tattoo around? We would love you to tell us your stories and experiences of how you made your pencil tattoo. Leave a comment and make your friends and family feel nostalgic too!

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