Lies About Weight Loss That Many People Actually Continue To Believe

Today’s first lie is, there are miraculous pills.

In the market, there are many types of supplements prepared to make smoothies, pills that can somehow help you decrease your appetite and there are even some supplements that work as a meal replacement.

But you have to understand that no type of these supplements will be a miracle in your weight loss, this helps you to control a little the level of calories you consume, but it does not work miracles when it comes to losing weight.

If you want to use this type of weight loss supplements or pills that help you control your appetite is fine, you can use it, remember to verify that they are natural that do not have any type of side effect on health.

That said you can use it but keep in mind that the process of losing weight is step by step, it is gradual,

The second lie is plastic surgery to lose weight works.

Unfortunately, if you are thinking of having some type of plastic surgery such as liposuction, or some other, I have to tell you that it will not work if you do not make changes in your life habits and your diet.

It is useless to go to the operating room and remove all abdominal fat if after the next day you go and eat the hamburger you ate 2 days ago before having the operation.

So it is very important that if you plan to do some type of surgical treatment to lose weight, you have to be aware that you need and that you have to make changes in your diet and your daily physical activity if you do not do it it is only a matter of time that you recover the weight that you removed in surgery.

The third lie is the scale tells the truth!

While it is true that when you weigh the scale it gives you a reference of how much you are weighing, but it is a lie that it will be a guide or an exact reference on your weight loss process.

Remember that the muscle weighs more than fat and the density is much lower, so for any reason, you weigh yourself and do not see that you are reducing your weight do not worry, look for a tape measure, measure yourself, because if you are not losing weight it means Maybe you’re slimming and shaping your figure.

A very important reference that you can have is that you look for the clothes that a few months ago before starting the diet did not serve you and if it serves you now, it means that you are moving towards the ideal body for you.

The fourth lie, the fast weight loss diet works!

Unfortunately, a fast weight loss diet is mainly constituted by a drastic reduction in the calories you are consuming during the day, and by excessive physical activity.

This means that if you are used to eating certain calories, and suddenly cut many calories in your day, you exercise a lot, maybe you can lose weight fast but you will not be able to sustain that rhythm and that type of food for a long time.

Common Sense Is Your Best Ally To Lose Weight

This means that after one or two weeks have passed since you start that diet, you will not take it anymore and you will return to your old eating habits and this is where the famous rebound effect comes in.

That the weight you lost with that lightning diet that they call him, you recover again, because your body is already very anxious, and desperate for calories, the smartest thing is a nutritional diet, balanced and healthy, that controls your calorie level At least until 2000 they are the ones you need per day and of course, it is always important to exercise.

The fifth lie, physical exercise is very hard.

The truth is from when you get up until you go to bed, you are exercising, that is, every movement you make, that movement needs energy and therefore that energy is equal to fat that your body uses, so when we talk about exercise as such, it simply means that you move more, that you try to leave a sedentary lifestyle and go for a walk, instead of taking the car, go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Details like this can help you move much faster towards your weight loss.

In the same way, try to make things a little more intense, if you are at home cleaning do it with a little more intensity, if you are walking on the street walk a little faster, if you can additionally add some exercise such as swimming, or go dancing, or some type of exercise that you like would be great.

Very well so far we have already denied 5 great lies about losing weight fast.

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