Here Are The World’s Most Expensive Handbags

Do you think Hermes Birkin is the only expensive bag that exists? In addition to the low cost, premium and luxury sectors, there is another type that is rated as super luxury. The most basic and ‘cheap’ list on this list will be, of course, very expensive and special bags. They are usually made from the finest exotic skins on the market and are made from millimeters of crafts, some even with gold, diamonds and thousands of precious stones.

Birkin is one of the most expensive and required bags.

Every detail is carefully and optimally controlled, and generally, workshops require this protocol as each model starts at 9,000 euros. Luxury firms have their own set of models, which are specific to the audience who are looking for something very special at any cost. These pieces are a great investment for you because they are not out of style, they are versatile, timeless and the quality is good enough to last for many years.

Valentino inlaid bag.

Before the purchase was made in a private room where no one could see what the customer was getting. This experience still exists, but with new technologies and online stores, you can buy a bag of 40,000 euros in a couple of clicks. The fashion industry is always a surprise to us and especially the luxury sector is evolving in a big way.

I have done a thorough search among luxury companies of highly specialized bags. Get your American Express ready because most are unique pieces that will be evaluated over the years.

Valentino, My Rockstud Tote: € 19,750

Valentino, My Rock Stud Broken. The crocodile version of Valentino’s new bag is equivalent to a size 19,750. Although the color is brown, think this is a bag of crocodile skin so everything goes!

Bvlgari, Serpenti Forever: € 11,375

Bvlgari, authenticity forever. When we think of the Boulevard bag, the first model that comes to mind is the Serpentine Forerunner and has become an icon. Separate yourself from the rest with a crocodile skin model. Price, € 11,375.

Givenchy, Antigona: € 28,000

Givenchy, Antigua. No Hollywood celebrity has worn this model in its classic and original version. If you want it in alligator leather, you have to pay € 28,000.

Fendi, Peekaboo: € 6,000

Fendi, Picbo. They present it in a multitude of shapes, colors and textures, so, of course, y, even in the skin of a python. Do you want it? Nothing costs € 6,000

Louis Vuitton, Capucines: € 23,200

Louis Vuitton, Capoquins. Since it was introduced it has been the desire of many women. Its feminine and delicate lines make it an excellent backpack. In calf leather you have the classic, but, for 23,200 you have the crocodile version.

Prada, Double Tote: € 7,300

Prada, double carry. I like this model. The Italian firm started it a few years ago and its specialty is its color scheme. All models are like this, except for the calf hair that mimics the skin of the oyster and ostrich. A super luxury piece priced at lux 7,300.

Mark Cross, Grace: € 13,400

The Mark Cross, a grace box-shaped clutch worn by celebrities, also has a super luxury version in crocodile leather and is worth $ 13,400.

Dolce & Gabbana, Box: € 6,450

Dolce & Gabbana, box. This is the most expensive bag presented in the Italian firm’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. It’s priced at 6,450, it’s not for sale yet, but reservations have already been accepted.

Ralph Lauren, Ricky: € 17,500

Ralph Lauren, Ricky. The newest icon of the French firm’s most passionate bag, Ralph Lauren, offers its most loyal clients a crocodile leather version, 17,500.

Chanel, Classic Flap: € 35,700

Channel, classic flap. They all have this bag. It is a fashion that every fashion lover should and should have. But some people will have the Alligator soon in this version as it is priced at 35,700 and has been sold.

Written by Sarah Smith

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