Everyday Things That Make Your Image Dull and Tasteless

Plain T-shirt

A white or black T-shirt is the basis of many looks. It is worn not only with jeans, shorts and menswear, but also with pants, sweat, midi and maxi skirts. But a simple T-shirt dress can be a fashionable accent. To do this, just tie it to the top of the crop with a knot just above the waist, tuck one edge of the belt, decorate with a patch, brooch or badge.

Sleeveless T-shirt

A simple summer shirt without a pattern, which can be found on any bottom like a T-shirt, will be the highlight of your image. You need to change it a bit. Trim the shirt up or down by hanging it in vertical stripes – you get a Western style blouse. And it can be painted with acrylic, dyed or reflective inscriptions can be incorporated into the famous tie-dyeing technique.

Dress shirt

The straight shirts you usually wear in the office are also not original. But try to wear it down, put it below your shoulders, tie it to your waist and tie your sleeves up or partially tuck it in your belt … and you will notice that the white shirt is not tight at all. Is.

Sheath dress

Although the tight fitting style emphasizes the dignity of the personality, this type of dress looks easy. Sometimes very easy. So, to create a fashionable image with it, you have to include the trend details. For example, multi-dimensional jewelry, a bright belt, transparent clutch, waist or chest bag.

Shoes are also important. Nonetheless, aggressive shoes and bare sandals set a completely different mood.

Long skirt

The skirts below the knees look rather dull. Unless, of course, it is decorated with sharp cuts, embroidery or shiny decorations. And you can shorten a skirt like this, and make a length with a lace.

Straight blue jeans

Plain jeans can also look stylish if you have to redecorate them a bit. If you are tired of their harsh appearance, add holes or tights (but by reason). Or even cut lengths and make shorts. Don’t cut too high – a tall style is in fashion.


The business suit jacket will become a modern part of your everyday look if you wear it with torn jeans. And remove the buttons, too, because the models that are now fixed only with the belt are relevant.


A knitted or knitted cardigan can also be worn with a belt at the waist. Choose Long Sports Equipment – For street style, they are especially popular.

Written by Sarah Smith

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